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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • olive, oliveoil, extra virgin oil, olive oil soap, olive oil body lotion, sunflower oil, vegatables, fruits, sweet desserts, frozen food, beverages-drinks, cans, tomatoes paste, dry food, general food, Turkish delight
    Telephone: +905336620648 Address: Atakent İstanbul
  • delight, turkish delight
    Telephone: (90)(212) 287 15 28 Address: ARNAVUTKÖY KURUÇEŞME CD. NO:59 BEŞİKTAŞ
  • carpet, turkish carpet, digital carpet, rug
    Telephone: +90 507 117 78 33 Address: İstanbul/Kartal/Soğanlık
  • historical buildings, turkish baths, hamams, hotel management, restaurant management, urban markets
    Telephone: (90)(212) 292 79 10 Address: KULOĞLU MH. TURNACIBAŞI SK. NEŞE APT. NO:9 D:4 BEYOĞLU
  • breakfast sauce, donut, vinegar, sauces, dried fruits, puree, tomato paste, dough, pickled vegetables, olives, grilled vegetables, dried vegetables, mineral water, pasta, nuts, turkish delight, juices, extra traditional jams, canned vegetables, sauce, biscuits, candies, wafers, halva
    Telephone: 3073698 Address: Velibaba Mah. Yılmaz Sok. No:5/4 Pendik, İSTANBUL
  • fresh fish, smoked and marinated, frozen fish, retail products, horeca products, leroy fresh salmon steak, leroy fresh salmon fillet, leroy super quality smoked salmon 100 g., leröy super quality marinated salmon (gravdlax) 100 g., leröy salmon fillet 2×125 g, leröy asc marinated salmon (gravdlax) 200 g, leröy smoked salmon 50 g, leröy salmon steak 500 g, atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, leröy salmon doner 1 kg, frozen stuffed mussels 500 g, greenland halibut, cod, saithe, leroy 1. quality smoked salmon 100 g., norwegian turbot, leroy salmon pastirami, monk fish (angler fish), mackerel, rainbow trout, seabass, seabream, alfarm salmon pastirami, alfarm super quality marinated salmon (gravdlax), alfarm super quality smoked salmon, alfarm 1. quality smoked salmon, fossen marinated salmon (gravdlax), alfarm smoked salmon, fossen smoked salmon, alfarm hot smoked salmon, alfarm salmon fillet map package, saithe fillets – block, herring fillet, king crab, mussels, alfarm smoked mackerel, alfarm salmon steak map package, alfarm salmon fillet vacuum package, alfarm fixed weight salmon steaks, alfarm fixed weight salmon fillets, alfarm smoked salmon loin, alfarm smoked salmon bits, alfarm smoked halibut, alfarm smoked trout, peeled shrimp – cleaned
    Telephone: 6290685 Address: Atatürk Mah. Girne Cad. No: 33 Küçükbakkalköy Ataşehir, İSTANBUL
  • packaging, foil packaging, tin packaging, coffee pot, cup sets, turkish coffee set, paper packaging
    Telephone: (90)(212) 522 07 28 Address: HASIRCILAR CAD. NO:39/41 FATİH
  • book, religious book, marriage and family life, canon law, tradition, folklore, stories, law, catechism, review - research, islamic thought - philosophy, doomsday and hereafter, the meanings and explanations of the holy quran, tale, humor books, ottoman turkish interfaces, novels, conversation, dictionaries, poem, history, historical novels, mystic works, basic arabic works, theater, foreign language publications, cookbooks
    Telephone: (90)(212) 516 20 80 Address: BINBIRDIREK MH.DIVANYOLU IŞIK SK. NO:10 FATİH
  • calcite lumps, calcium carbonate, white marble chips, brown pumice stone, lightweight aggregate, zeolit, bauxite ore, clinoptilolite, minerals seller from turkey
    We have quarries and we are exporter of b/m products.We would like to present our offers if you interest b/m products. MICRONISED CALCITE Delivery : per Container / Big Order
    Telephone: +905419317456 Address: T.Reis cad 441, 10100 Balikesir
  • confectionery, turkish delight, candy, food, marketing
    Telephone: (90)(332) 342 30 43 Address: FEVZİ CAKMAK MH.KOTTIM SAN SIT. 10576 SK.N:64 MERKEZ
  • marketing in iran, advertising, iran market, export to iran, marketing, advertisement in iran, import, import to turkey, marketing in turkey, marketing in istanbul
    Telephone: 0090-212-8091980 Address: Unit 101, Floor 7, Allure Tower, Civan St, University District, Avcilar, Istanbul, Turkey Postal Code:34320
  • lock, locks, lock system, lock systems
    Telephone: (90)(212) 873 33 10 Address: ADNAN KAHVECİ MAH. REŞİTPAŞA CAD.1B/2 BEYLİKDÜZÜ BEYLİKDÜZÜ
  • delights, turkish delight, fruit delight, churchkhela, sweetish cake, cezerye
    Telephone: 90(322)428 27 93 Address: OVA MH.44148 SK.NO:34/A SEYHAN ADANA
  • candy, a kind of candy, turkish fairy floss
    Telephone: (90)(272) 223 50 34 Address: LOKUMCULAR SİTESİ B BLOK NO:1 MERKEZ
  • 3d claddings in natural stones, gold leaf luxury marble coverings, head fabrication area, elevator granite marble base pavement, bath sinks, special bath sinks, bath benches, marble stairs, marble border, decorative marble flooring, marble design works, door bases, rustic wall covering, fin bath, artistic fountains, waterjet medallions, granite table, kitchen benches, turkish bath sinks, mansion marble projects, mechanical side covering, marble fountains, shower bases, marble table, inside window view, marble coffee tables, marble column, motifs, symbols, onyx lighting, artistic mosaic models, fireplace applications, polishing of marble floor, natural materials, natural stones, granite, quartzite, limra, marble, onyx, semipresion, sinterflex, travertine, 3d scan machine, 5 axis cnc, cnc router, waterjet cutting
    Telephone: (90)(272) 223 18 14 Address: AFYON DEVLET KARAYOLU 14.KM
  • trade, trading
    Telephone: 90(216)572 60 30 Address: KAYIŞDAĞI CD.FLORA RESİDENCE NO:3/6 D:607
  • socks, clothing, garment, textile, textiles, textile products
    Telephone: 90(212)565 18 57 Address: MALTEPE MAH. LİTROS YOLU YOL SOK. NO:6/1 TOPKAPI
  • external blinds, internal blinds, air diffusion, filter, control units
    Telephone: (90)(216) 577 71 50 Address: ESKİ ÜSKÜDAR YOLU İÇERENKÖY CD. NO.10 VIP CENTER K:3 İÇERENKÖY ATAŞEHİR
  • antique rugs, handmade carpets, caucasian rugs, turkish rugs, persian rugs, handmade contemporary rugs, runners, bespoke rugs, custom made rugs, oversize rugs, kilims, floor covering, home textile, wool rugs, silk rugs, rug restoration, conservation, rug washing, appraisal, valuation, consulting, wholesale rugs, rug repair, area rugs, throw rug, room size rugs
    Telephone: 90(212)518 04 70 Address: PEYKHANE CAD.ÜÇLER SOK. ERSOY İŞ MRK. NO:48/2
  • petty wares, spice, confectionery products, vegetable oil, dry fruit, nuts, turkish delight, vegetable oil
    Telephone: (212) 5206492 Address: MISIR ÇARŞISI IÇI NO:51, FATİH, İSTANBUL
  • stone, stone products, stone product, marble, marble products, marble product
  • textile, textile product, textile products, textile industry, dress, dresses, clothing, clothings, garment, garments
    Telephone: 90(212)474 43 00 Address: BASIN EKSPRES YOLU CEMAL ULUSOY CD. ENCO TESİSLERİ PLAZA 1 K:4
  • water products, water product, water material, water
  • towels, art prints, illustrations, art illustrations, art illustrations, wood crafts, crafts, coppers, leather crafts, felt handicrafts, handicrafts, evil eye charms, charms, lucky eye charms, handloomed towels, peshtemals, handloomed peshtemals, handloomed bath towels, bath towels, turkish bath towels, cotton bath towels, bathrobes, handloomed bathrobes, hand-loomed bathrobes, hand-loomed towels, peshkir, tea towels, dish towels, linens, kitchen linens, bath linens, beach towels, handloomed bea
    Ahenque is Istanbul/Turkey based lifestyle company. The name of our shop is Ahenque (Ahenk), which means harmony in our native language Turkish. We co-operate with small
    Telephone: +90 532 635 23 01 Address: Göztepe Mh. Prof. Belgesoy Sk. 19126, Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agricultural product, agriculture, combineharbester, class, newholland, johndeere, baler, wheat, usedcombine, usedexcavator, tractor, rice, corn, hoop, gear, shaft, belt, gasket, engine, enginepart, turkey, combine, machine, ricetrack, concave, sparepart, key, puller, cogwear, bearing, sprocket, nut, bolt, steeltrack, idler, roller, steel, crawler, track, plough, discharrow, used, undercarriage
    EFEOGLU TARIM MAKINALARI was founded in 1991 by Mr Halil EREN in Samsun-Bafra to serve in agricultural machinery industry. Since its establishment, thanks to business experience
    Telephone: (362) 544 01 86 Address: FEVZİ ÇAKMAK MAH.SANAYİ SİT.HİZMET BİNASI NO:2, BAFRA, SAMSUN
  • coffee, instant coffee, turkish coffee, coffee machine, drip coffee
    Telephone: 0 242 715 28 58 Address: GÜZELOBA MH. R.DENKTAŞ CD. BLV. EGDA İŞ MRKZ. NO:5, MURATPAŞA, ANTALYA
  • home textile, home textiles, home textile products, home textile product
  • turkish quartzite, travertine, marble, slate stone, river stones, mine, mineral
    Telephone: 90(258)265 44 62 Address: GERZELE MAH.508 SOK.NO2B/1, MERKEZEFENDİ, DENIZLI
  • advertising, display, display products, flag, turkish flag, desk flag, beach flag, flag banner
    Telephone: 2123247575 Address: SEYRANTEPE MAH.CİHAN SK.NO.9
  • hospitality tvs, audio visual, projectors, speakers, amplifiers, signage, mixers, lighting, microphones, network, ip surveillance systems, it, software
  • diamond-shaped flour, hamburger flour, pizza flour, patty flour, pie flour, pita flour, turkish ravioli flour, biscuit and waffle flour, golden flour, whole-wheat flour, local flour, noodle, industrial feed flour, white bread for bakery
    Telephone: (216) 7338582 Address: BALIKESİR KARAYOLU 6.KM PK:141
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